Recent Wins

LTG has been bustling with activity, securing a series of significant contracts that underscore our dedication to advancing transportation planning and engineering solutions. These recent wins reflect our continued commitment to delivering excellence across diverse municipalities and organizations.

River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization (R2CTPO) – General Planning Consultant Continuing Services Contract (CSC)

LTG is honored to have been chosen as the General Planning Consultant for R2CTPO. This contract marks a significant milestone for us, showcasing our expertise and dedication to shaping effective transportation planning.

City of Deltona – On-Call Engineering Services CSC

LTG is thrilled to continue our successful partnership with the City of Deltona, being retained for their On-Call Engineering Services. This consecutive win reflects our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions and the trust placed in our capabilities.

City of DeLand – Civil and Transportation Services CSC

LTG is excited to break ground with the City of DeLand, being selected for the Civil and Transportation Services Contract. As seasoned partners in other CSCs with the City, this collaboration expands our services and solidifies our relationship with DeLand.

City of Daytona Beach – Transportation Planning Services CSC

LTG is proud to retain the Transportation Planning Services CSC with the City of Daytona Beach, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional results. Building upon our successful track record, we eagerly anticipate further enhancing Daytona Beach’s transportation landscape.

Canaveral Port – Minor Engineering Services CSC

LTG is excited to embark on a partnership with Canaveral Port for Minor Engineering Services. This collaboration embodies our dedication to contributing expertise towards progressive infrastructural developments.

Volusia County Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning CSC

LTG solidifies our commitment to Volusia County, now serving as a Subconsultant in Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning. This continued partnership underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for regional development, ensuring a seamless contribution to Volusia County’s transportation initiatives.

Brevard County Professional Services CSC

LTG is thrilled to contribute to Brevard County’s strategic initiatives as part of the Professional Services CSC as a Subconsultant. This collaboration signifies our shared vision for advancing projects in the region.