LTG, Inc. is pleased to announce an ownership transition within our firm

Please join us in congratulating our new Chief Executive Officer, Gil A. Ramirez, PE.

Mr. Ramirez joined LTG in 2013 and successfully opened and grew LTG’s Melbourne office. In 2018 he was promoted from Senior Project Manager to Shareholder and Vice President of the firm. As of January 1st, 2022, he is the majority shareholder of LTG. Mr. Ramirez has been a true asset to our clients and we could not be more proud to call him our CEO as we continue to grow. R. Sans Lassiter, PE will continue to serve as Company President as Gil assumes he new role. The goal of this transition is to allow Mr. Lassiter to focus on key clients while gradually reducing his work hours over time and allowing him to enjoy the fruits of more than 44 years of consulting engineering.

Mr. Ramirez has shared that, “As Chief Executive Officer it is my goal to grow responsibly and deliberately, taking great care of our employees, and protecting LTG’s high-quality and service-oriented reputation. Our industry is at the brink of disruptive technological changes, and we are working to implement a long-range vision of a resilient company that is able to take full advantage of cutting-edge technologies to solve the transportation problems of the future.”