LTG Appoints Jonathan Brasch, PE, as New Director of Design

LTG is proud to announce the promotion of Jonathan Brasch, PE, to Director of Design. With an illustrious 11-year tenure at LTG, Jonathan has been instrumental in LTG’s growth and success, managing key projects and leading design initiatives across the state of Florida.

A graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Jonathan started his journey with LTG as an analyst and quickly demonstrated his expertise and leadership in CAD design, project management, and engineering. His work on significant projects, such as the Polk Parkway Turnpike and the Palm Coast Street Lighting Master Plan, has not only enhanced Florida’s infrastructure but has also established LTG’s reputation for excellence.

As Director of Design, Jonathan aims to deliver projects that exceed quality standards while fostering an environment of learning and development within the Design Division. His leadership philosophy emphasizes mentorship and hands-on guidance, believing that a true leader shows the way forward rather than just directing.

Jonathan’s commitment to using resources like FDOT standards and his proactive approach to self-development have shaped him into the engineer and leader he is today. Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys staying active through sports and outdoor activities, embodying a balanced approach to life and work.

LTG looks forward to Jonathan’s continued contributions and leadership as Director of Design, driving LTG toward future successes and innovation in the engineering field.