Recent Wins

City of Daytona Beach Transportation Planning CSC

LTG has been awarded the City of Daytona Beach Transportation Planning Continuing Services Contract to provide Transportation Planning support to the City, including GIS database and system administration; roadway characteristics inventory; preparation of various mapping and graphics tasks for presentation or reports; Traffic Impact Analysis; multi-modal study or transportation alternative studies; review or preparation of applicable ordinances, DRIs, and FQDs, transportation concurrency assessment, CPAs, and EARs; support the City staff with grant applications related to the TPO or other granting agencies; corridor analyses; public involvement; access management support; traffic calming studies; provide recommendations for functional classification of roadways; update and maintain the City’s vested trip tracker; and review and prepare Proportionate Share Agreements. We are proud have been consecutively awarded this contact and are looking forward to continuing to serve the City of Daytona Beach.

City of Deltona ADA Transition Plan

LTG is proud to be awarded the contract to provide roadway engineering analysis and design services for development of the City of Deltona’s ADA Transition plan. The City is committed to providing accessible facilities and services to all Deltona residents and visitors and will implement an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan. The Plan is to be used to bring related deficiencies within the City Rights-of-Way into compliance with the ADA. The City has approximately 350 miles of pedestrian sidewalks within the City limits. The ADA Transition Plan, infrastructure retrofit implementation plan, will be implemented as a program, utilizing existing and newly collected GIS data and inspection information together with technology tools. LTG shall perform traffic engineering, transportation planning and roadway/sidewalk design engineering services required to prepare a complete set of construction contract documents, bidding services and post design services.

Winter Garden Professional Engineering CSC

LTG, in association with Mead & Hunt, was selected to provide engineering services for the City of Winter Garden.  This contract was evaluated based upon qualifications, experience, and client references.  We are proud to be part of a team which ranked third out of eleven firms and are looking forward to serving the City of Winter Garden on this contract.