Lassiter Transportation Group

Transportation analysis continues to evolve. Deciphering and adhering to the complex rules and procedures relating to such issues as concurrency, mobility, Level of Service, mitigation, developer agreements, impact fees, alternative impact fee studies, travel demand management and access management take creative negotiating and solution resolution skills. Lassiter Transportation Group (LTG) brings the needed expertise and commitment to excellence to manage even the most complex situation on behalf of our clients.


Services & Capabilities

Welcome to Lassiter Transportation Group, Inc. (LTG).  LTG is a fully licensed engineering firm providing our clients traffic engineering and transportation planning services that ensure successful outcomes for their projects.

Practice Areas

LTG’s expertise covers a wide range of traffic and transportation-related specialties. LTG is constantly educating and re-educating its staff to maintain the highest degree of currency in Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Code, Florida Department of Transportation Standards (FDOT), American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) design criteria, and Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) publications. Read More

About Lassiter Transportation Group

LTG is backed by more than 30 years of experience providing traffic engineering and transportation planning services to public and private sector clients. This history was focused on providing new transportation infrastructure throughout Florida as a developing State. As we have now become the 4th most populous state, the emphasis is beginning to shift to sustainability through more efficient development patterns. Read More



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